Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Long weekend, filled with FUN,LAUGHTER...

Aslm WR WB,

The long weekend was filled with FUN, LAUGHTER and CHOCOLATE hehehehhehee.
Started off with a beautiful day, JUMUAH, we went for a morning drive to take photos of the surfers and the beautiful ocean,had a family lunch then my husband and I went to the cinema, watched CONTRABAND.
Saturday I started my day with gym, did some shopping and spent loads of time with my family and the camera.hehehe (photos at the bottom of the page)
Sunday my dad, sister and niece came over for lunch and dessert.
Monday my sister, her sister inlaw and her mother inlaw and I went to the cinema, got a bite to eat then headed home for a hot cuppa tea.

 My daughter Dilshad

My husbands cousin "Sujaa"

My bowling shoes


My brother "Imraan"

 Dilshad and her cousin Iman

 Lunch and Dessert ay my place

 Our Dad "Abdullah"

Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend.
Salaam until next time.

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