Thursday, 15 March 2012

Saree and Hijab - Beautiful combination

There's a wedding in the family! So much excitement :)
Im wondering what I'm going to wear the weekend, as the saturday there will mehndi for the bride and family :) (I'm having my hands done), then the wedding the sunday. Im thinking of wearing my saree but tried to picture wearing hijab with it, so I googled Saree and hijab, and found some lovely ideas.

The saree is so easy to drape and elegant, meant for modesty, so it fits the occassion :)
So if you're thinking of wearing a saree but dont know how to drape it, see the photo instruction above and some nice ideas on hijab.

There are different ways you can drape a saree, really beautiful styles.


Ill post some of the weekends photo's next week insha allah.

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