Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Accentuate Swimwear by Aniyah Brown

Aslm WR WB,

I know that this time of the year, having cold and wet days, we don't think of buying swimwear but, I thought I 'd share a muslimah thats in our mits making swimwear and active wear for the ladies in hijab. now whether you're into walking, running or swimming, these funky active and swimwear is just for you.

Personally I've always found that shopping for gym clothes or swimwear to be a nightmare, as you dont find it to be long enough or have a sleeve. So I think that the idea that Aniyah Brown has, is a great idea and I wish her every success in her swimwear and activewear line.

Definitely on my Fave's list (smiley face)'

Accentuate Swimwear by Aniyah Brown
-she can be found on facebook

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