Friday, 30 March 2012

love this pashmina

Whats in my purse (hehheehe)

Aslm, WR WB

My  hand bag only has the neccessaties in (hand cream, lipgloss, keys, scrapbook, perfume and purse), its the other bag that has all the "things"i might need ├»ncase"i loose a button or hem of pants is loose or stain on jacket etc etc hehehehe

Whats in your handbag?

Jumuah Mubarak my beautiful sisters in islam

Aslm WR WB,

Jumuah Mubarak to all
The almighty showering us with his blessing to day algmd, its a beautiful day in Cape Town.
Hot soup is an order (hehehe)

Today Im posting a few photo's of me and some lovely friends and family;

Thursday, 29 March 2012

How to store your hijab accessories


If there was one thing i found challenging about keeping accessories tidy and organised, was trying to store my accessories including hijab brooches and pins. Storing hijab scarves and pashminas are usually simple, in plastic ziplock bags or on a hanger for scarves, as shown below, that I've made myself.
For the accessories on the other hand, I suggest storing in a clear container is the best so you dont have to scratch around and maybe even damage accessories.
At local stores, you're sure to find those fancy looking accessory stands resembling dolls are really cute too for rings and earrings but, if you have loads of accessories like me, be organised and get those clear storage boxes for easy access.

Accessorize with COOL COVERS SA this winter

Aslm WR WB,

Here are but a few of the COOL COVERS SA accessories so far, there are more on the way in different colours and designs.

Accessorize this winter with COOL COVERS SA
Funky, fresh, fabric necklaces
Rope headbands
Rope wrist bands/bangles
Ribbon necklaces
Safety pin charm brooches
Motives for hijab (different designs available upon request)

unfortunetly I haven't had the time to take some photo's of the accessories but will try my utmost to take some pics over the weekend insha allah.
Prices upon request*

Muslim women - Make - Up, false eyelashes, hair extentions

Aslm WR WB,

I think that applying make-up should be a skill every girl has, it's nice to experiment with makeup, so when you feel like adorning yourself with a bit of colour, you wouldn't have to worry about going to a make-up artist or asking a friend, you can do it yourself. Alot of girls struggle with applying liquid eyeliner, but, there is nothing easier than liquid eyeliner. It has a smoother and more dramatic effect on the eyes. Others love wearing the kajal pencil though on the eyelid.... I've always wondered if muslim women are allowed to wear hair extensions or false eyelashes, so i did some research

Please take note of, re: wearing false eyelashes or hair extentions;
It is haraam for a woman to wear false eyelashes because they come under the heading of hair extensions, for which the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) cursed those who do that.
False eyelashes come under the same heading, because the real eyelashes are extended with the false ones.


 Beautify yourselves for your husbands

Slms until next time insha allah