Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How to cover up those scratched heels of your fave shoe

Aslm WR WB,

Do you have shoes that maybe has a scratch on? or a shoe you'd like to glam up or have looking funky?
Let Cool Covers SA show you a few ideas on just how to do it;

Want to change your boring black heels to funky heels?
You could glue stick a zip to the back of the heel and paint underneath the shoe
(available from your nearest craft shop or hardware store)

 Or you could glue stick some diamante's to the heels or on the top (which ever design you like)

Or glue stick lace motif's on the side of shoe

I like "bows" - glue stick a bow on the top of pumps, or the side.

Have your own unique pump or high heels. You don't have to go out and buy new shoes everytime you have to go out. it's simple, just do it yourself and GLAMOURIZE your high heels or pumps.

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