Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cape Malay weddings

Cape Malay weddings;

Malay weddings are usually hours long (if not entire day), as in this order;

The Nikah - Wedding Ceremony held in the morning at the masjied (from which the area the bride resides), normally an hour long. The Imam gives a sermon on marriage and advise on how the couple should treat each other and so forth. It ends with the groom reciting his vow and then signing of the marriage certificate. Brides these days attend the Nikah (sits at the ladies section), to hear her husband (to be) recite his vow and the sermon.

Breakfast - held for the men when the nikah is finished. The tables would be decorated with fresh flowers, hot and cold beverages, savouries and cold meats. The bride waits for her husband (at the venue of the breakfast & reception). She greets her husband and family, everyone there congratulates the couple, the bride signs the marriage certificate, has photos taken then gets ready to leave to change into second outfits. (bride usually wear red in the morning or if preferred any other colour in the morning, and white in the afternoon)

Gardens - Capetonians traditionally goes to '√álaremont Gardens', but lately its changed, now theres the 'rose garden', 'muizenberg beach', 'the castle', 'the train station', I've noticed that westridge gardens in Mitchells Plain has become very popular. It has a large beautiful section of roses and an arch. Most of the photos are taken at the gardens or beach which ever is the chosen place. Some family members tag along to keep the kids all dolled up and happy.

The reception - Upon arriving at the reception the 'wedding party' enters the venue first, with the bride and groom to enter last (to make a lasting impression). (At this stage the bride & groom are exhausted of the festivities and smiling for photos.) After the couple enters and has more photos taken , sits down, a prayer is said they have supper, greets family and friends. The groom including all other males get ready to leave the reception for the masjied and then leave to the abode of the married couple.
The Hajji's then accompany the bride to her husband.

At the residence of the bride and groom - Family and friends gather, the imaam or father of the bride gives a short sermon, a prayer and some more photos are taken of the happy couple.

I was at Century City, Canal walk the other day to do some shopping when I saw all these gorgeous dresses, accessories, cake designs, table decor, venue decor etc
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salaams :)

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