Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Muslim women - Inspired


HIGHLIGHT: Sisters in Islam who inspire each other

I think as young muslim women we all need a role model, someone we can learn from, be encouraged to wear hijab, to practice islamic teachings, attend madressa.

(On the topic of madressa- I think that irrespective of age , we should all attend madressa (never to old to learn). Going to madressa also encourages you to be a better muslim, teaches you discipline.
I encourage young muslim couples to attend marriage classes especially, as alot of young couples marriages are short lived due to the lack of knowledge of each others roles within a marriage.)regarding "sisters who inspire",

Who do you see as a good role model?
Who inspires you to be a better muslim?

Nominate your role model!
Nominate your mother, your aunt, your teacher....

I would like to see a great response to this post, as most women arent recognised for their roles in the community, we should give thanks to all women that make a difference in this dunya.


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