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Fashion Reality- What is your Signature Style?

These three COOL ladies from Cape Town shares their own individual taste with us. Let their style inspire you to create a look that‘s totally your own!

Reyaana Sage, 29, Cool Covers SA Blogger

One of my favourite things to do is shopping but sometimes find it difficult to get what I'm looking for, as most of the clothing in stores aren't made for muslim women. There are many stunning places in Cape Town to shop, but sometimes you picture yourself in the most glamorous outfit and get disappointed when you don't find it in stores. That's what inspired me to start the blog 'Cool Covers SA'. To redefine headwear/headscarves to funky,colourful, glamorous fashion with hijab.
The Look: The Turban
Wardrobe staples:  soft flowing maxi dresses mostly, suit style - worn funky for weekends and glam for
special occasions
Why this style? The Turban is easy to wrap, you can wear it (can’t say up or down Lol) on a weekend or for a wedding- mixing it with accessories.
Putting it together You'd need a long scarf, either chiffon, cotton or woolen (silk or satin does not work well with this style), an under-scarf (optional) and plenty pins.
Once the scarf is tied as turban look, you can use a brooch or bow- pin on the side of the turban for a funky or fancy look.
Most challenging about your Hijab style? Sometimes when the scarf is thick in texture it gets quite difficult to pin and secure to the underscarf, can get quite heavy too :)

"Accessories are key to any style of fashion- one of my loves are sunglasses"
Cool Covers SA, redefining hijab fashion! MOTIVATE.INSPIRE.BEAUTIFY.

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  Fatheega Esau, 45, The name behind the brand of ‘Get Covered'

Fatheega (fondly known as ‘Fay’) cut, pin and sew all her designs, with the help of her mom (the hemmer & cleaner), Nashieta (my main Sales consultant), my husband (MD– Main Driver), my sister and her husband (marketing team).  Fay has branched out to bridal headgears with the beauty part of having more young brides wanting to be covered for their special day.

The Look: A basic, simple, easy yet stylish way of covering the head. 

Wardrobe staples:  Black “bling”, a plain black, beige and navy with a few contrasting bands.

Why this style? I never grew up with a scarf, so just the mere thought of having to wear one sent me on an emotional rollercoaster, simply because I considered what other people would think of me rather than what Allah ordained me to do. So when my turn came to don the scarf, I still wanted to look in the mirror and say “I like…” I wore the triangle scarf, oops I look a bit older than I am! Next, I wrap long scarves– it looks good but it takes awhile and there’s lots of pins and arguments with my husband. By the time I reach my destination, the pin that was under my chin is now on the side of my head and my hair comes out on the side.
After trying on the “sock” from Bahrain, I decided to restyle it to suit my face...and that is where it all began!
Putting it together This style is simple. Can be twisted in so many different ways– you can add flower brooches, Alice bands, scrunchies, contrasting bands and so  much more. It makes covering up so much easier and the keywords are “no pins and no mirrors”. I use lightweight fabric in various colours and textures for a creative ensemble.
Most challenging about your Hijab style? Keeping up with the demand of having a successful brand. 
“I try and attract the ladies who can relate to me, the young girls who want to start and the ladies who have always donned the Hijab.”

Visit the website of Get Covered:
www.getcovered.co.za ,
Email: getcoveredwithfay@gmail.com
Or check them out on Facebook at link:


Abashiya Achilles, 34 , Owner of ‘Fabulous in Hijab’

 She has been doing her own designing since a teenager, making dresses for her dolls! Abashiya designed her own wedding dress and her very talented mom had to sew it all together. She finally became a stay at home mom and this is where it all began, on a very small basic sewing machine where she would plain stitch and zig-zag a garment. With the help of her husband, family and also technology with marketing 3 designs then...the rest is history!

The Look: Colourful and playful. Exploring styles with dresses are my main focus. Using black, white, grey and a very feminine pink all in one dress makes the look young, vibrant, smart casual and sporty.
Wardrobe staples:  The basic white shirt  (from my “Back to Basics” range), has perfectly placed pockets, neatly shaped waist yet not fitted, below the knee length making it the ideal tunic over a wide leg pants or jeans.
Why this style? Firstly as a Muslim and a mom living in Cape town, one’s wardrobe needs to suit your lifestyle and especially the hot climate.  My designs are complete items which means no under or over
garments needed to complete the look, such as a long sleeve T or a cardi. This becomes more important as one get’s older, I find!

Putting it together Pinning my scarf is most important to me to complete a look. I love layering over an under-scarf and pinning it in place shows confidence as a Muslim and with my style.
Most challenging about your Hijab style? For me, the vision of Islam is very inspiring as the Hijab is part of my life since a very young age when one makes the intention to cover up and be modest. Allah makes it easy for you, hence not challenging for me, Algamdulillah. Developing new looks can sometimes be a challenge as I do not want to make garments too eastern or too western, yet it needs to be modern.
“My style is suitable for the working women as well as the very busy soccer mom who wants to cover up”

Do look out for Fabulous in Hijab’s website, still under construction www.fabulousinhijab.co.za
And do “LIKE”  their Facebook page


Fashion Article by, 
Cool Covers SA Writer 
Nuraan Kafaar

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