Thursday, 3 May 2012

Time Away from the City was good

Aslm WR WB,

My huband Mogamad Shakier,daughter Dilshad and I were in CAPE AGULHAS for a few days,it was great. Algamdulilla.We stopped off at almost every little town to capture beautiful things on camera :)
One of the stops was, ARNISTON,a gorgeous town,colorful boats, beau hotel and holiday houses at the harbour.overlooking a BEAUTIFUL OCEAN, ma'shallah. Allah's creations, really amazing.
After soaking up the beauty in arniston and having a snack,we headed off to Cape Agulhas.

First stop in Agulhas was the lighthouse! we took plenty photo's of the light house and surrounds. The oceanview is breath taking. There was an option to climb the lighthouse :) yes, we climbed to the top of the lighthouse, something Í never thought we'd do, it was great fun!
To be honest I was terrified, when I got to the last flight of stairs I couldnt get myself to go any further, it was steep, narrow with no side rails to hold onto. Getting to the top of the light house and getting to take photo's in windy conditions was an achievement :) I am very proud of Dilshad, she wasn't scared of heights and was a good sport. She didnt really realize how high we were but enjoyed having to see everything from the top.

Bought some souveniers for Iman (my niece)
It's wonderful to wake up to the sound of the waves crashing and the smell of fresh ocean air :)

Cape agulhas - Lighthouse

Struisbaai Harbour

                              The shipwreck in Agulhas

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