Friday, 24 February 2012


Im going to a tea party on Sunday and thought, Is the feet part of our awrah?
So I did some research, and found this,

The Prophet sallalahu allahi wa salaam said in a sahih hadith:
 “The woman is ‘Awrah, when she leaves [her home] Shaytān (satan - may Allah curse him) looks at her.”
All of a woman is awrah. Awrah is an Islamic term that means "beauty". There are different kinds of beauty out there and in fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) sexual beauty is termed "hard awrah". Hard awrah is what must be covered by our hijabs. HARD AWRAH IS WHAT IS COVERED BY THE JILBAB AND KHIMAR which are a fard obligation in the Holy Qu'ran.

The feet of  women do not have to be covered in front of non-maharams, because of the following hadith: Narrated Anas ibn Malik: The Prophet (sallalahu allahi wa salaam) brought Fatimah a slave which he donated to her. Fatimah wore a garment which, when she covered her head, did not reach her feet, and when she covered her feet by it, that garment did not reach her head. When the Prophet (sallalahu allahi wa salaam) saw her struggle, he said: There is no harm to you: Here is only your father and slave. (Hadith no. 4 Sunan Abu Dawud Book 32, Number 4094) . Fatimah R.A did not have to cover her feet or her head (and we know the head is an obligation of khimar to cover)

so seeing that we'll have lovely Sunny and warm cape Town weather over the weekend, I'll be wearing a sandal. :)
Here is a dua that is good to recite whenever getting dressed, but is very specific to the puting on of new clothes. It may be recited in English, but the sunnah is to do so in Arabic. Both are good and valid:
Allaahumma lakal-hamdu Anta kasawtaneehi, asàluka min khayrihi wa khayri maa suni`a lahu, wa a`oothu bika min sharrihi wa sharri maa suni`a lahu.

Oh Allah, Praise be to You. You have clothed me. I ask You for its goodness and the goodness of what it has been made for and I seek Your protection from the evil of it and the evil of what it has been made for.

(Reported by Abu Dawood and at-Tirmidhee)
Have a fantastic weekend!
Wa Alaikum Salaam waraghmatulahie wabarakatu

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